Photos and Videos – Terms and Conditions

When you upload a photo or a video to you give us the right to show it on the site, allow other users to comment and rate it, allow us to use it to represent the whole gallery, to put it in a ‘featured’ category or to use it to publicise our photo and video galleries on other sites. In short you give us the rights to use your photo on our site and on other sites for the purposes we like.

If you do not want us to give us those rights please refrain from uploading photos or videos to

If we get it right, when you upload a photo or a video you should be able to record a description and an author. We reserve the right to modify the description if we feel we should, in particular to correct errors, typographical or otherwise.

To publish a photo or a video on you will need to register on the site. You will become a user and we will probably keep your email in a list which we may use later to send you promotional offers, if we ever come round to doing this kind of things.

It is possible that when you post a photo or a video you are the only one to see it in the gallery until we approve it. This moderation system should allow us to keep the site clean and suitable for all audiences.

Lawyers would probably like to define “you” and “us”. Well, “you” is you, or people acting on your behalf. “Us” is the people responsible for this site. Mainly me, in fact.

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