About Us

Well, about me, really.

I get some help from my friends at times but I’m really the one that’s going to do most of the work here. A one-man band, if I can say so without introducing confusion (no, I don’t carry a bass drum on my back with a string to my left heel to beat it!)

I’ve had an interest in music for all my life and I have played many different instruments badly, starting with learn-by-rote piano lessons as a kid.

Now that I have a little time on my own in this pre-retirement period, I thought I’d spend some time learning about website development by doing it. Maybe I’ll end up making a little bit of money from it as well.

That would be nice because losing my job a few years before retirement age is not really what I had in mind and this ‘pre-retirement’ euphemism is a by-word for powerty!

But enough with the sob stories. Life’s too short (especially at my age!)

The aims of this website?

  • Provide you with information and entertainment based around the uke
  • Provide you with a means to acquire instruments, books and methods from the comfort of your own computer (yes, I get a small commission if you buy, thank you)
  • Provide those means whether it’s more convenient for you to shop in the USA, the UK or my native France
  • Share what I know and learn more from you

I hope I succeed in these aims. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

All the best


PS: Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy are necessary but rather common sense. If they look like they were written by a corporation for a corporation that’s probably because that’s where they come from and what they were for! As far as I know they protect you and me from nasties, right?

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